Welcome to Fittastik

We acquire the finest ingredients to deliver this satisfying protein packed handy snack.  We have spent years perfecting our unique blend of naturally occurring vegetable proteins and refining our process without skimping on the taste.

Take the cheating out of eating and enjoy Fittastik Protein Products without the guilt as they contain NONE of the following:

No Dairy - No milk or milk byproducts.
No High Fructose Corn Syrup - Even if the FDA declares it "natural", the fact that HFCS exists nowhere in nature is not a good sign.
No Eggs - That's egg free for you and me.
No Cholesterol - Heart healthy right out of the package.
Naturally Sweetened
Akaline Free Cocoa
Sprouted Nuts

Unparalleled Taste

The difference is in the taste. We offer the purest ingredients free of genetic modification. To meet our standards the use of grains, beans, oils and other ingredients must also come from sustainable resources.